Diamond Platnumz with Zuchu
Image: Instagram

Diamond and Zuchu have continued their display of love in public, this time at the Wasafi Festival in Dodoma.

As usual, the two entered the stage and sang one of their collabs where Diamond, after singing for a short time as they stood, moved closer to the edge of the stage and sat down before calling Zuchu.

Zuchu responded to the call and sat on Diamond's lap and they all continued to sing their song in romantic tones while the fans cheered them on.


The singer with great technique inserted her words into some lines and seemed to throw shade at some people who feel that Diamond cannot marry her more than just use her physically and then leave her - as she has been doing with other beauties she had in romantic relationships.

In the case of killing the gossip-mongers, Zuchu said that those who try to persuade her to leave Diamond will not succeed because even if they feel that he is playing with her, then it is okay. After all, her body is his.

"They say Simba is a dog, let him play with me, this body is his," Zuchu sang as fans cheered her, and others in distant voices could be heard saying that Diamond would just leave Zuchu as he did with other women.


It is not the first time for the WCB artists to show their love in public, especially at the Wasafi festival which has been held in various places in Tanzania since August.  

However, others still feel that Diamond and Zuchu do not have a romantic relationship.