Pastor James Ng'anga

Pastor James Ng'ang'a has left netizens dumfounded after a video of him asking his congregation to donate Sh. 1000 each for him to enjoy the holiday festivities went viral.

In the said video, the Neno Evangelist preacher dressed in a white military-style outfit could be seen standing on the alter speaking to a crowd that had gathered around him.

The preacher could be heard asking people top give him 1000 shillings so he could go and enjoy the holidays.


"Kwanza ebu mtu anipee Sh. 1000. Give me one thousand, nipee tu elfu moja... elfu moja tu nikakule Christmas mkimpatia nabiaa kikombe ya maji," the pastor could be heard saying as people moved forward with notes on their hands donating to Pastor Ng'ang'a.

The pastor excitedly started collecting the money as he sang along tp the harmonious beats of the piano playing.

He went on to add that he was glad that people were giving him money as now he could go out and enjoy.


"Eeehh wengine wananipea mbili... leta tu leta. Na mkinipea mnasonga nyuma," Pastor Ng'ang'a said while talking to his congregation who had fully gathered at the front waving money to him.

Shortly after collecting the donations, Ng'ang'a reached into a bowl and started rewarding people who had given him donations.

He asked people who had not given him anything to stop stretching their arms as he had counted the people who had bestowed him with cash. 

"Hii ni secret na msioneshane (this is a secret and do not show it to anyone," the controversial preacher said as he started handing out the wrapped unidentified gifts. 

The video has left a bitter taste on netizens mouths as they feel the preacher had taken advantage of his congregants by asking them for money as he is incredibly wealthy as it is.

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