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Controversial socialite from Nigeria, Bobriksy has come up with new prices for his various services for the year 2024.

Bobrisky, who is described as a man who changed his gender and became a woman, is often known by many as a man who dresses up as a woman.

Announcing his new 'rate card', Bobrisky said that this year things are different because he must continue to add beauty and beauty and he cannot let any opportunity to make money escape him.


What surprised many, is that in his rate card, for one to just greet him, they will have to pay a large sum of money.

He added that he would later on release the price of anyone who wants to marry him.

Bobrisky, who recently underwent augmentation mammoplasty, took to his Instagram page, saying his price has increased.


He wrote, "Lagos mummy prices increased. Just saying "hi" to a lagos mummy $2,000, Want to hug a lagos mummy $5,000, Want a lagos mummy to kiss you on the cheek $10,000, Short time with a lagos mummy $100,000, All night lagos mummy $300,000 , and I still haven't given the price to marry the Lagos mummy."


The internet personality insisted that anyone interested in his offers would have to speak to his manager.

He wrote, “You will need to speak to my manager @ladygolfer001 to give you a receipt. 2024 ashewo pro max."