Lillian Muli
Image: Instagram

Experienced media personality Lillian Muli strongly cautions women against rekindling relationships with their exes, drawing from her personal encounters.

As a mother of two, she candidly shared that, in her experience, exes rarely undergo significant changes, making it a futile endeavor.

Reflecting on her own attempt to reconcile with an ex, which ultimately ended in disappointment, Muli disclosed that she gave one of her exes a second chance, only to discover that he had a side chick who was expecting a child.


"Never go back to an ex because leopards don't change their spots. People don't change. Tried this once and cried premium tears. The dude had a heavily pregnant woman on the side. I should just write a book at this rate. Will you buy it?" Muli shared this in a video on her Instastories.

The Citizen TV anchor, who has two different baby daddies, is normally very open about her co-parenting journey with them.

In her appearance on Season One of Kyallo Kulture, Lilian discussed the difficulties of co-parenting with both of her children's fathers.

She emphasized that strained relationships between parents can have adverse effects on children, stressing the importance of prioritizing their well-being.


Lilian's path to motherhood has faced a few challenges, including the conclusion of her marriage to ex-husband Moses Kanene, with whom she had her first son.

Following the divorce, Lilian omitted the name Kanene when introducing herself or signing off on TV.

Her second-born, Liam, came after her fast and furious romance with Shabana FC President Jared Ombongi.