Harmonize with Poshy Queen
Image: Instagram

Boss of the music label Konde Music Worldwide, Rajab Abdul Kahali, popularly known as Harmonize, has announced that this year he will get married to the woman he loves before turning 30.

Through his Instastory, Harmonize stated that for a long time, he has been dedicated to music to entertain his fans, and now it's time to devote himself wholeheartedly to marriage.

The artist, who has been in relationships with beautiful women that often ended shortly, said that this time he wants to enter his 30s as a married man.


"I have been serious all these years, but in 2024, I want to take it to another level. Spiritually, musically, and also in love," said Harmonize.

"I will get married, InshaAllah, before my birthday. I want to cross over and join the group of 30-year-olds as a married man," he added.

Harmonize also mentioned that one of the things he wants to avoid this year is engaging in unnecessary disputes on social media and in interviews.


"I will not fight with anyone; I have no strength to argue. I also pray for each one of you to succeed," he added.

This announcement comes just a week after introducing his new girlfriend, Poshy Queen.

Harmonize and Queen, who call each other by the nicknames Adamu and Hawa, have been exchanging romantic messages on Instagram.

At one point, Harmonize expressed his satisfaction with the love of this beauty, who is said to be the ex-girlfriend of Harmonize's former DJ.

He told her that he was willing to give her his blood and even his kidney.

"Not just blood, but also my kidney, my Eve. From 2017 to now, here we are. It's an amazing story to tell our children Nova and Zuuh Konde; they must be patient. Love is madness," replied Harmonize.

However, in his marriage announcement, he did not specify whether he would marry this new woman or introduce another woman, as Konde Boy frequently introduces new beautiful women.