Zuchu's alleged former Ex.
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Comedian Clam Vevo, who claims to be the ex-lover of artist Zuchu, has revealed in detail how their love hit the rocks after the beauty was signed under the WCB label.

In an emotional interview with a blog, Clam explained that they began their relationship in 2015 when both were struggling, but after Zuchu started making money, a significant gap emerged in their lives, leading to the end of their love.

"Truthfully, she is the person who made me successful to this day; people don't know its source, but the source is Zuchu. So it's her words, the way we lived, how our relationship died, it made me angry to fight more," he said.


Clam discussed a message he posted on Instagram last week after Diamond announced his breakup with Zuchu.

The comedian posted a message asking Zuchu to come back to him, stating that he had changed since their separation.

He clarified that it wasn't a publicity stunt, but he was expressing his feelings, believing that Diamond meant his words about being single and not having Zuchu anymore.


"I was expressing my feelings there, talking about everything, and welcoming her back into my life officially once again. I told her life has changed, how I was is not how I am now," he explained.

However, he was disappointed when he saw Diamond retracting his earlier statement about breaking up with Zuchu, but he said that expressing his feelings, he believed they had separated.

"Life has many things, people go through many things in life, I saw people saying that Zuchu and I are in different leagues.

But they don't know that I'm not talking about the current Zuchu; I'm talking about Zuhura in 2015. People who understand and remember know how Zuhura and I loved each other."

"I acknowledge how much she loves me; the main reason she left me was money.

The significant issue was her starting to ignore me when she was taken and signed by WCB.

After signing, there was a kind of separation, and it happened because at that time, I had just come from the village to the city and didn't know myself very well," he added.