Forex trader Sammy Boy

Controversial digital creator and aspiring musician Samwel Ondieki popularly known as Sammy Boy has hopped on the list of public figures detailing qualities they look for in a partner.

Engaging in a series of Q&A with his over 1 million Instagram followers, Sammy went on to list a couple of things that were non-negotiable when it comes to a girl he is seeing.

This is after a curious netizen posed the question, "Name a few things you hate about maybe in a lady once you start having a thing!!!"


"We sio ati maybe ni ukweli. First, poor Hygiene.. yaani mtu anuke kama simiti hapana nayo! Marashi ni 100 roll it up," started the controversial entrepreneur and Forex trader while responding to the question.

He went on to list a long series of do's and don't for his partner once they get into a relationship.

"Nagging- we have things to do. Mimi nayo unipigie simu more than 3 na sio eti nini tukue busy...sijapotea mimi ni mtu mzima na niko na kazi ya kufanya najitegemea usiniambie ati nimekua busy sina time yako


FASHION- you cant dress vile unataka halafu uko hapo unataka tuonane ingia pinterest kwanza copy paste swag bana..." part of his requirements for a partner read accompanied by several laughing emojis.

Sammyboy Kenya

Finishing up the controversial social media personality revealed he would never be with someone who is lazy.

He also added he has a strong disdain for females who overly enjoy the nightlife/clubbing scene.

"IDLE and PARTY Animal--weeee hapa nayo nakuanga serious..." the last of Sammy's requirements read.

Elaborating on what he meant by the above statement the trader stated that there was a big difference between his type of going out and what he has apparently witnessed from girls.

"I cant be your job since you don't have one.. do something and get busy...

Then next minute I'm not your plan nakuona wewe huyo sherehe leo mara uko sijui wapi na Hennesy kwa mkono na haujui bei halafu unitext ati whatsup? Nugu enda ujue difference ya "we outside" na usherati. No hard feelings," the last of his post read.

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