Elsa Majimbo
Image: Instagram

Kenyan comedian based in the United States, Elsa Majimbo, has revealed that some people are trying to send her money through the Instagram platform.

Majimbo posted a video on her Instastory, stating that she has received messages from Instagram about people attempting to send her money, and she made it clear that she does not agree with this.

As a result, Majimbo strongly warned people and her fans who were trying to send her money as a gift, emphasizing that she did not need their money.


"Instagram has informed me that there are people trying to send me money.

Some of you want to give me money as a gift. Are you trying to make sure that I accept a request to receive money from you? No, let's not do that, my siblings," Majimbo said.

"Don't make it look like you are trying to pay me, especially when it comes to the content that I choose to create, and you choose to accept. Something you may not know, especially on my page, is that we all choose to be here, and I wouldn't want that to turn into an intention to pay me, no. I love you all very much, but keep your money in your pockets," she added.


A few weeks ago, the talented comedian confirmed her breakup with her ex-boyfriend DJ Hkeem.


The content creator cited a lack of trust in her partner after an incident that occurred when she went for an interview.

She narrated a series of events that led to their separation in a video posted on her social media pages.