Kenyan comedian Andrew Duncan Oduor, famously known as 2mbili has opened up on how he has been receiving negative comments about a past encounter with his ex-wife.

He shared how he has been mocked and despised because he was beaten by a woman.

He commented that he was a victim and that if he chose to fight back he would have been condemned by the society for beating up a woman.


The comedian also shared his view about femicide saying he fully condemns it with every part of his body.

He shared this on his Instagram story saying.

"Averagely every day for a year now , I get 'ulipigwa na mwanamke aje'(how were you beaten by a woman),'unasema nini na ulipigwa na bibi'(what are you talking about and you were beaten by your wife)comments. Surprisingly women also tell me this, like today two told me that I stay  to my calm personality, you tell that to a weak man for a month  atajiua."


The comedian explained more saying,

"What if I had lost my mind and been the one to have beaten her, ningekua free kweli? ( would I be free?), bado mngeniambia unapiga aje mwanamke wewe? ( you would have asked me how I can be able to beat a woman) I walk freely today making my money peacefully coz I was the victim!!! For now I condemn femicide with every part of my body!"


The story didn't get many replies but one fan shared his story on how his dad got beaten by his mom and abandoned them and his grandad was also beaten up by his grandmother.

He added that men are also suffering its just that they don't speak up.