Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo
Image: courtesy

Kenyan socialite and digital creator Amber Ray and her fiancé businessman Kennedy Rapudo's eight-month-old daughter have got the internet amazed at how stunning and beautiful she is.

What has left the people talking and surprised is how the 8 months old Africana Rapudo, is already a brand ambassador.

She is the face of Enkwanzi Beauty, a new brand created for baby products


The mother of two broke the news on her Instagram where she shared photos of her baby girl and the good news of their baby's first brand work.

This news came out with the family finally revealing Africana's face - 8 months after she was born. 

While sharing Africana's photos Rapudo wrote;


"As she grows, I witness the evolution of a young soul navigating the journey of life. She is not just our daughter; she is our co-pilot in this adventure, teaching us the profound lessons of love, resilience, and the unbreakable bond that ties us together.” @iam_amberay you’ve done so well with this beautiful soul so far. Congratulations 🎉Cc @africanahrapudo,".

Before the reveal, Amber and Rapudo had held an extravagant party for the face reveal of their child 

At the party, Kennedy rocked an all-black tuxedo while Amber looked stunning in a shimmery brown body-hugging cocktail dress with black details at the shoulders.

Their daughter, the star of the show was in a pretty red balloon dress.

Some of the public figures in attendance included, former Kiss FM host turned content creator Oga Obinna, beauty and hair mogul, Phoina Tosha, socialite Risper Faith, TikToker Alma Mutheu, and comedian Eric Omondi and his baby mama Lynne and their toddler, among others.

"Hey guys it's your girl Amber Ray, Amber the brand and due to public demand, we have decided to do Africanah's face reveal.

"Nakwambia mtoto ni wa tajari so it had to be something huge ama ni aje? I am in love, hope mtapenda and even if you guys don't like it I don't care because I totally love it," the mother of 2 excitedly said as she gave people a glimpse of the event's setup.

In a different video, their almost palatial apartment looked stunning as it had been transformed to host the guests.

All white sofas with gold details could be seen laid out on the balcony as well as an open bar area.

A buffet had been set out for the guests as well as canapes and a huge glass backdrop engraved 'Africanah to the world,' was laid out.