Peter Mwangi alias Miracle Baby, ex-gengetone and mugithi artist urgently needs blood donation.

His wife Carol Katrue shared that he pressingly needs blood group B+.

She also shared her contact and urged people who can donate to reach out to her.


The artist has been battling a gastrointestinal condition for almost five years now. 

Carol disclosed that the artist has been fighting the ailment since 2018 when he had his first surgery after he suffered an obstruction in his intestines.

She went on to say that he got well after the surgery but his condition came back in 2020, where they treated the stomach pains with over-the-counter drugs.


The condition got worse in April 2022 when Peter started vomiting, having seizures, and ultimately passed out. He was scanned and they were informed that the growth was back.

Peter required another surgery at a cost of Sh300,000. Carol added that they avoided the operation in 2022 after the experts at a hospital in Naivasha informed them Peter didn't have growth but that his intestines had just twisted a bit and was put on medication.

Peter got better after the medication but early in January 2024 his intestines ruptured and had to undertake surgery again.

 The surgery was a success ."hae guys the surgery was successful but the intestine had burst and they have managed to wash but he will be going to the toilet through a pipe and they have left some intestines outside...for 6 weeks and when he recovers he will go back to the theatre so that the intestines can be returned inside." Carol Katrue wrote.

Carol has been updating Peter's fans about his ailment, she also drove away  his online   death hoax  declaring   Peter  was very much alive.

There has been massive wishes of quick recovery to the artist from his fans.