Actress Jackie Matubia

Actress Jackie Matubia says even though she has being into two failed marriages, love is not a scam

She continues to say that love is a beautiful institution and that one should not settle for less.

On top of that, the actress admits that she is proud to be a single mother of two.e.

"My focus right now is my babies and building an empire for them, at least how hawawezi kutoka… I’m so proud of being a single mother and you should also be proud to be a single mother. You know the kind of peace that comes with being a single mother. Always be proud of whom you are… I’m a single mother of two failed marriages and I’m so proud of who I’m and I will not let the society look down on me,”

"And I want to teach my girls that it is fine, if marriage imekukataa that is not the end of the world. Marriage is a beautiful institution and you should never be told it’s a scam but again I say communication and respect that you can’t play alone… you should never settle for less. I’m not going to be the first or last single mother. And I’m not gonna die for being a single mother so lets embrace who we are,” Jackie Matubia said in an interview with Pulse Live.

Jackie Matubia is an actor, media personality, tv host, digital content producer.


She came into the lime light when she was first featured in the high-school drama "Tahidi high" she was known as Jolene


Matubia got married to her long-time husband, Kennedy Njogu alias Nyongz for three years.

Kennedy is a pilot by profession, the couple was blessed with a daughter, Zari Wanjiku


The love birds parted ways in March 2019 over a series cheating from both parties

Jackie then proceeded to date Blessing Lung'aho

Lung'aho was Jackie's co-actor in Zora. 

The two welcomed a child together in 2022     

They were greatly in love and they seemed to be happy until rumours started about their breakup and Jackie was quick to refute the claims.

Shortly after the loving, happy relationship the two even celebrated their second dating anniversary and two weeks afterwards all seemed not to be paradise 

The two separated and it was confirmed by Jackie herself, who said that she has decided to choose her happiness 

The two even got to a point they unfollowed each other on Instagram and stopped creating content together on Jackie's YouTube channel

Now Jackie is a proud single mom who still believes in love even after giving it a try for sometime, she says there is still hope even after her falling out of love not once but twice

Blessing has now introduced new lover and girl friend Irene  Mulita to the social media.