Ezekiel Mutua vehemently defends 'Mali Safi Chito' hitmaker after 'poop' statements

MCSK CEO Ezekiel Mutua.
Image: Instagram

The Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) CEO Ezekiel Mutua has come out to defend budding Kalenjin artist Millicent Jerotich also known as Marakwet Daughter after her "poop" rant.

In a now widely circulated video, the 'Mali Safi Chito' hitmaker asserted her readiness to block anyone engaging in what she considered harmful behaviour of spreading negativity on her social media posts.

After blocking several individuals, she confidently asserted her peace of mind and advised them to express their opinions elsewhere.

“You are used to using bad language on my comment section. Mumezoea sanaa kupupuu inbox yangu pale TikTok, pupuu sasa hapa. Nkt!” the artist said as she expressed her frustration towards her followers.

Netizens didn't take kindly to her choice of words with some arguing that the 15 seconds of fame she was receiving had gotten to her head.

Following the backlash she has been receiving, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua took to his Facebook page to ask netizens to give the artist a break.

Kalenjin artist Millicent Jerotich also known as Marakwet Daughter
Image: Courtesy

“Too much ado about nothing on Mali Safi Chito. Leave the girl alone. She is loving her moments of fame.

Don’t rain on her parade! She might have spoken out of turn and she may even sound arrogant and conceited. But she needs guidance and support, not condemnation and malicious attacks or criticism,” Ezekiel wrote in part.

He went on to vehemently defend Marakwet Daughter noting she acted as she did because she was provoked.

“You see there are people who can’t stand an assertive woman who knows how to protect her space. They bring outdated and primitive debates into everything one says and look for fault where there’s none.

I have viewed the clips and followed the comments and came to the conclusion that she was provoked to act as she did," the MCSK CEO said.

Finishing up, he went on to note that the artist was right in her space to dictate how her page ran and what she allowed/ didn't allow there.

“Even on the issue of her asking the DJ to pull down the content with adaptations of her song, she was right.

“The assertion that they were promoting is neither here nor there. Let the girl be!” The last of his post read.

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