List of public figures who've lectured Bensoul over his pro-weed utterances

His remarks have angered a section of Kenyans with most calling him out for misleading the youth.

Sol Generation signee Bensoul

Sol Generation signee Bensoul is currently under fire following some controversial remarks he shared about his take on the drug cannabis.

The father of one in a recent appearance on VIP Access podcast shared his sentiments on the intake of marijuana popularly known as weed noting that he strongly feels the drug is a safe drug and has no side effects whatsoever.

"I have never seen anyone go crazy because of weed, and it has never been recorded anywhere wenye wanachizi ni (those who usually go crazy it is) because of other drugs," the 'Nairobi' hitmaker was heard boldly saying before he went on to note how countries that have legalized the drug are fairing well economically.


His remarks have angered a section of Kenyans with most calling him out for misleading the youth.

Netizens also shared their remarks with some vehemently supporting him while other, identifying themselves as medical practitioners disputed Bensoul's claims as they voiced the dangers of smoking weed.

Bensoul in Kiss FM studios
Image: KISS FM

Some of the public figures who have called out the 'Navutishwa' crooner include fashion designer and upcoming musician Melina Gold.

On her part Melina asked Bensoul to rethink his utterances especially as a public figure with a huge following.

"Bensoul should stop misleading the youth! Say NO to drugs

Not unless it's prescribed, i don't think marijuana or any drug for that matter should be encouraged

Will all our youth know the limits?#say no to drugs... Not unless prescribed," her post on Instagram stories read.

Kenyan fashion designer and musician Melina Gold
Image: Instagram

Another social media personality who hoped on the conversation surrounding Bensoul's sentiments is political scientist Bravin Yuri. He appeared to echo the singer's statements noting that the drug has its positives.

"Marijuana has medicinal value which can not be explored given that it is illegal in Kenya. It can be made legal for medicinal purposes to pave the way for research as I have shared before and I had quite a good conversation with the late MP Ken Okoth on this as he prepared to table a bill on this in parliament.

However, we should not ignore the other side of its abuse. Induced psychosis is real. There is also the basic aspect where people can't enjoy a meal without having hit a joint etc. An honest conversation can help steer a way forward," Bravin shared.

Mental health activist Baby Ras also joined in the conversation, criticizing Bensoul on her part for being careless with his words.

"This is ignorant af. People have gone mad coz of smoking weed without using other drugs.

If you are under informed, don't misinform those who follow you. I wish artists would use their platforms to speak some sense sometimes


As someone who's been an addiction counsellor in various facilities, I wish he would just shut up or educate himself," her post directed towards the Sol generation artist read.

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