Charles Ouda
Image: Instagram

As many of you are aware, the nation mourned the loss of one of its most exceptional talents on stage and screen yesterday, as Charles Ouda passed away.

While the details surrounding the demise of the late great thespian remain largely unknown, would like to honour Charles for his outstanding acting skills that made him a household name.

Let's take a moment to reflect on some of the roles that solidified his legacy as one of Kenya's finest actors.


The First Grader

Charles Ouda starred alongside Oliver Litondo and Naomi Harris in "The First Grader," depicting the inspiring tale of an 84-year-old Kenyan ex-Mau Mau fighter who pursued his dream of learning to read and write by joining a class of six-year-olds.

Makutano Junction


Renowned for his compelling performances, Charles Ouda took center stage in the acclaimed TV series "Makutano Junction," captivating audiences on Citizen TV for many years.

He served as the lead in over 12 episodes and contributed as a writer for select installments.

The Know Zone

Charles Ouda's fondness for children shone through in "The Know Zone," a locally-produced educational series on Citizen TV. Airing from January 13, 2009, the program aimed to enhance children's learning in English, math, and life skills, showcasing Ouda's adept interaction with young minds.

Discovery +254

Demonstrating his versatility, Ouda showcased exceptional hosting skills on "Discovery +254," where he co-hosted with actress Sarah Hassan.

The show's success was evident as it won a Kalasha International Award for Best Television Host.

Higher Learning

"The Higher Learning" show brought Kenyan TV excellence to the forefront, featuring six university students in Nairobi navigating life's lessons beyond the classroom.

Ouda shared the screen with Melvin Alusa, Sanjiv, Lydia Gitachu, and Joseph Gitau.

In Second Family

In "Second Family," Charles Ouda portrayed the role of Pepeta in a captivating storyline where the sudden death of a 57-year-old billionaire, Leo, unveiled family secrets, sparking conflicts for wealth, power, and revenge.


In the recent series "Salem," Charles portrayed the captivating character Karani, earning acclaim for his role alongside Jackie Matubia and other notable cast members.

Zebra Productions Executive Producer Njoki Muhoho paid tribute to Ouda, hailing him as a hero, role model, and friend.