Murugi Munyi

Entrepreneur and digital content creator Murugi Munyi has left netizens stunned after she revealed that she used to eat rolls on rolls of tissue paper back in the day.

Yeah, we'll just add that to the list of tmi weird habits that she has shared. If you all don't recall a few weeks ago during an episode in her podcast that she co-hosts with Lydia Murugi admitted that she picks her nose and eats her bogus.

Not she used to... she does.

Her latest bombshell, however, can be excused as Murugi attributed the peculiar craving to her pregnancy.

While pregnant with her last-born daughter, the mother of 3 developed an insatiable craving for toilet paper that so her finishing a role in just a couple of days.

“Mukeni’s pregnancy was another thing! Six years ago I was addicted to tissue. I was craving tissue tissue during Mukeni’s pregnancies. 

I used to sit on a bed and a tissue on the side. I would eat like a box for some days. I could finish a whole role not in a day but for a couple of days," Murugi Munyi shared.

Digital content creator and entrepereneur Murugi Munyi

She went on to add that the habit saw her develop some discomfort as it was not ideal for her digestion however, try as she could she couldn’t resist the overwhelming urge she had developed to munch and indulge in toilet paper.

Murugi humorously referred to tissue craving as her version of the common stone craving that most women have.

“It was not good for my digestion and it used to give me bad constipation but I could not stop. I don’t know but I think it is just how some women crave for stones so tissue was my version of my stone,” the mother of 3 stated.

Finishing up, the entrepreneur highlighted that she does not think the whole ordeal was bizarre and could still munch on tissue.

“Even right now, I can eat tissue since it is not that disgusting. People are like, Tissue? yeah, that was the most delicious thing,”Murugi stated.

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