Of course I'm a GOAT wife! Sarah Kabu hops on trending challenge

Sarah Kabu
Bonfire Adventures managing director Sarah Kabu
Image: Mpasho

Travel and tour company managing director Sarah Kabu has joined the viral TikTok 'Of course' trend leaving netizens in stitches.

Sarah, who is married to Simon Kabu whom she shares 2 kids with, on her TikTok page shared a video of herself highlighting why she is the GOAT wife.

If you are wondering the term 'GOAT wife' is used online by first wife's to mark territory and at times set themselves apart and belittle their husband's baby mamas or side chicks.

The mother of 2 bragged about the advantages that come with being the GOAT wife including getting a new car, being spoiled and flown to different countries. She also highlighted some of the things she does as a wife that sets her apart from others.

"Of course, I am a GOAT wife, I am the MD on Bonfire Adventures. Of course, as a GOAT wife, I wake up every day at 6am and I start by praying for my family.

I am proud that my husband bought me this car. I started my day by gyming and jogging with my husband. As a GOAT wife, I love cooking for my husband.


Of course, I don't mind him paying back by taking me out for lunch or dinner or somewhere special. Of course, I support my husband's hustle. We work together," Sarah animatedly said.

Finishing up, the Bonfire Adventures CEO showcased herself in her office showing off huge bundles of Sh.1000 notes that she claimed were an allowance from her hubby to treat herself.

Sarah praised her hubby for always taking care of her and spoiling her even though she had her own bag.

"Although I have my own money, I still get a small monthly allowance from my husband just to make me feel like the little girl that loves pocket money," the mother of 2 said.

The general public has had a field day reacting to her video. Netizens congratulated her for holding her marriage fort strongly despite challenges and showing that unions do work.

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