Krg the Don
Image: Kimberly Manoji

Krg the Don has left Kenyans stunned after he surprised his new girlfriend with a brand new Volvo xc60 worth 4 million Kenyan shillings.


This was an early Valentine's gift to her. 

He earlier said that he would do a face reveal of his girlfriend on Valentines Day.

Besides being an artist, he is also a successful business man.

His portfolio now includes, construction tours and travel as well as his investments in hospitality and entertainment.

Taraja Safaris is a sole proprietorship of his and his construction company, Killion Group is a partnership.

He opened up Casa Vera Lounge on Kaburu Drive just off Ngong road.

In December, with 200 million Kenyan Shillings spent on land acquisition and an establishment of a fully functional business, this is his most significant investment.