Sewersydaa Mkadinali
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Budding Kenyan artist Sewersydaa, of the popular Eastland's hip-hop group Wakadinali, has finally addressed their controversial lyric 'hatuitishi ruhusa kugusa' from their 2021 hit song, 'Geri Inengi'

The line which translates to "we don't ask for permission to touch," caused a lot of uproar among netizens with people speculating that it was advocating for sexual harassment and rape. This caused people to have such a misconstrued perception of the artists.

Sewersydaa is now setting the record straight in a bid to sanitize their band and reputation... especially after the remarks his band member Scar shared during the #End femicide march.

During an appearance he made on the Mic Cheque Podcast, the rapper debunked the idea that their lyrics had anything provocative in them or encouraged not seeking consent.

Analyzing the song and its meaning Sewersydaa who came up with the controversial line revealed it was a jab at politicians who don't even involve their citizens or ask for their input but keep on taking and taking.


He maintained the whole song was about the then government, street rivalry, loyalty, and the fact that snitches get stitches.

"That verse when you look at it from where it starts, it talks about like the kind of people we don't like in the hood then that verse that everyone likes

Hatuitisha ruhusa kuguza, tunaishi nchi rais hiyo point simaanishi dem au nini...namaanisha vile Uhuru yaani ule prezzo wetu alikuwa anachukua kitu yoyote yaani bila kutuuliza.


Plus vile wanaiba sa hii si waniba tu hivo hivo na ni sisi tumewaweka hapo..hakuna has nothing to do with women," the artist said candidly expressing his shock when he realized how people had interpreted their song.

The rest of the song talks about life in the ghetto, street loyalty, run-ins with the law and the consequences of snitching in the hood.

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