Robert Burale
Image: Instagram

Life and marriage coach, Israel Robert Burale, has given valuable advice to men and women seeking life partners for marriage, especially those aged 40 and above.

Burale, who also identifies as a pastor, presented three main points regarding why individuals of this age group find it challenging to find partners and offered advice on what to do to simplify the entire process of getting married.

Firstly, Burale advised individuals aged 40 and above not to spend too much time praying for partners to come their way.

Instead, he suggested that they allocate their time to socialising and engaging with people of different backgrounds, enjoying outings and leisure activities.

In this way, finding a partner becomes quicker and easier than waiting for a miraculous appearance in a prayer center.


"For a Christian man or woman aged over 40, trusting God for marriage... prayer is essential, but action is needed. Don't spend 11 months in a prayer center praying for a partner... Allocate time for dating... wow!" advised Burale.

Secondly, Burale mentioned that the opportunities for individuals of this age group are narrower compared to those of younger individuals.

Therefore, he urged them to embrace the next available opportunity without wasting more time.

"Remember, your opportunities are not as many as they were in your twenties... The clock is ticking... it's like being in the 85th minute of a 90-minute game... Lord, help us count our days," he concluded.


Previously, Burale touched on the issue of many churches giving comedians ample time during sermons to entertain believers who come to church not for humor but to receive the preaching of the word.

He also mentioned that some musicians claiming to be gospel artists produce songs that are not suitable for worship, suggesting that it is time to publicly criticize such songs.