Vera Sidika

Veteran socialite and entrepreneur Vera Sidika has fired back at netizens who claim that she is a 'deadbeat' mom as she is always traveling and barely spends any time with her toddlers.

Vera slammed the critiques arguing that she actually has more time with her kids than people who have 9-5 collar jobs contrary to popular belief.

This is after an Instagram user during a Q&A session that the mother of 2 held on her page brought up the subject.


"Don't shoot me lol but why don't you spend time with your kids esp when they're this young," asked the unidentified Instagram user, voicing what most Kenyans have been thinking.

Responding to this, the aspiring musician explained that she may be out of the country often but it is not as crazy as people might think.

She also pointed out the fact that she is self-employed which she maintains makes her working hours super flexible.

"I spend more time with my kids than a 9-5 working mom!" started off the veteran socialite.

Vera Sidika with her daughter
Vera Sidika with her daughter

Vera went on to add;

"No hate. Let me break it down 4 ya... I'm not employed. Meaning I have 24 hours to myself every day!!!

Whom do u think I spend it with I'm always in the house. Homebody. The bond between us is crazy!!! In a month I host say 2 gigs each event 2 hours max.

The rest of 22hrs I'm with my kids,"

She went on to highlight that even when she was gone if one looked at her working hours or the time she was away it was still way less compared to that of moms who work 9-5 monthly.

"If I decide to travel once every 2 months for say 1-2 weeks. I'm still spending more hours/time with my kids than a 9-5 mom.

So before y'all judge please do the math I should be asking y'all why y'all ain't spending more time with your kids," the last of her post read.

Vera has two kids, a 2-year-old girl named Asia Brown and 11-month-old boy named Prince Ice Brown both of whom she shares with aspiring musician Brown Mauzo.

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