Vera Sidika
Image: Instagram

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has responded to a fan who asked her if she would consider ever getting married again.


In response, she said, "Never it is a trap and I love my freedom.".

The socialite wrote on her social media page that she is happy being single and she is not ready for anything serious at the moment.

She further said that life is too short and one needs to enjoy it to the fullest.

The socialite was once in a blissful relationship with Brown Mauzo, who is a Kenyan-based artist.

They both have been together for almost three years and both have been blessed with two children

.Vera Sidika who is currently in the States also mentioned that her children are in Kenya Mombasa staying with their nannies and grandparents and are having a good time

The two used to share happy moments in their relationship until it took a turn back in 2023 when Mauzo broke the news that he and VeraSidika had officially ended their marriage. 

On the other hand, Brown Mauzo is dating Kabinga  The two have shared blissful moments on their Instagram and the two seem to be doing well and enjoying life as they travel the world together.

Despite Brown Mauzo ending things with the queen Vera, he seems to be doing the co-parenting well as he shared a photos of his children with cute messages.

The fans have no doubt he is a good father to all his children even from other baby mamas.

People online are happy for Mauzo's new relationship which is seemingly doing quite well.