Comedian and YouTuber Oga Obinna delved into his enduring crush on socialite Amber Ray, responding to a discussion on pursuing her.

Commenting on the Nairobi Gossip Club post, Obinna emphasized the importance of respecting a lady's response and moving on if she says no.

"We can't chase money and women at the same time. You ask her once, and she says NO, you move. NO Means NO. Unless she gives a maybe then asks for lunch/dinner/movie/vacation, etc... she feels sweet and gives you mixed signals, block, delete contact, and focus on something or someone else. No time wasting," he advised.

When fans speculated that he was pursuing Amber Ray, Obinna clarified, stating, "No, I'm not chasing Amber Ray, Amber Ray is my crush, two different things! Ata sija mvibe" [I haven't made a move on her].

Obinna expressed respect for Amber Ray's marriage with Kennedy Rapudo and revealed that he was waiting for them to break up.

Despite tagging Amber in a meme about realizing a mismatch with a crush, he denied actively pursuing her.

A netizen criticized celebrities giving relationship advice, questioning their credibility based on their own relationship experiences.

The commenter emphasized the importance of keeping personal lives private and viewing social media content as entertainment rather than guidance.

In his previous interactions, Obinna openly professed his crush on Amber Ray and shared posts on Instagram expressing his willingness to be with her if her relationship with Rapudo ended.

Amber Ray, in response to Obinna's advances, stated, "haiwezi" [it can't happen], and Obinna jokingly acknowledged that "kimemramba" [things have gone south for him].

The controversy continued as Obinna discussed his excitement and advances toward Amber after she hinted at being single on social media.

Fans shared various opinions, with some advising him to respect Amber's relationship and others expressing skepticism about his relationship advice given his own experiences.

Amid the speculations, Obinna maintained his stance on having a crush on Amber Ray, highlighting the complexity of personal relationships and the need for individual choices guided by personal beliefs and values.