Proud Mulamwah deals with biggest criticism trolls hold against him

Will this move finally shut up the din of noise against his choices?

Image: Instagram

Digital content creator David Oyando popularly known as Mulamwah is a happy man following his latest achievement.

Through his socials, Mulamwah announced that he was finally moving from his tiny bedsitter into a 3-bedroom modern apartment.

Sharing a video of the area around where he used to stay as well as a lorry with his belongings, Mulamwah gushed over her excited he was to start a new, better life.


"Finally!! God is great kijana ametoka gheto!" started off the father of 2 super elated to be moving into a better abode with his young family. 


The content creator maintained he would miss his tiny house despite it being in the dingy parts of town.

Mulamwah made it known that living in the impoverished house not only helped him appreciate life better but also saved a lot of money.

Marveling about the move, Mulamwah confirmed that in as much as he tried to make things appear rosy life there was full of its own share of challenges.


"I will miss the 9k bedsitter that welcomed me to the city. My friends wa mtaa pia bana but tutapatana tu.


There were a lot of ups and downs, but it helped me save cash and appreciate life better. Always appreciate and thank God for the little steps. Move slow, move correct," part of his post read. 

Mulamwah confirmed that his mansion back in the village was almost complete hinting that they might relocate there soon. In the meantime, he was excited to finally live the good life in the affluent parts of Nairobi county.

He encouraged people to learn to filter out outside noise and stay in their lane and with time they would not only see but reap results from their self-discipline.

The father of 2 also begged with ladies to not give up on their struggling partners who were putting in the work.

"Mansion is almost done, meanwhile wacha tuone hii life ya 3 B ikoje kanairo ata sisi tuskie vile watu huskia bana.

Kalamwah kaenjoy kidogo. 🤣🤣 . Mtu asikushiw any, songa na pace yako !

Ladies give your men time 🙏💯,"the last of his lengthy Instagram post read.


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