This past week a video of Musician Omah Lay inviting a young lady to join him on stage for a sensual dance has gone viral.

The lady who goes by the name of Jes, has faced relentless criticism and scrutiny for her actions, leading her to issue a public apology on her social media.

In her apology video, the chocolate beauty said that the right thing to do was to publicly apologise as the whole thing unfolded in public.

"That was bad but it was honestly a mistake and if I knew this would get this far, I  wouldn't even I wouldn't even have gone to the concert."

She also cleared rumours that her name was Jez not Fafa, "I literally went on stage, I literally said my name is Jes, I said it twice," she said.


She also revealed that she was the one who bought the tickets and not the boyfriend as rumored.

"Who said he was the one that bought the tickets? It was me, I'm the one that bought the tickets," she continued narrating.

Jes says that they had a private conversation with the boyfriend before going to the stage and it wasn't a new thing as Omah Lay has done such a thing in his past concerts.

The boyfriend was okay with her going to the stage and didn't push him away as people were saying. 

"Me and him never ever had an issue with me going on stage even when the time came," she said.

She said that Omah Lay was one of her favorite artists and she was really excited and genuinely happy when she was called on stage. 

Unfortunately, her apology did not help in reconciling with her former lover.


In the recent concert in London Omah Ley and Jes gave a steamy performance to the room full of attendees and seductively danced to one of his songs, 'Bend You' behind a curtain.

Interestingly, the woman’s boyfriend was present at the event and witnessed the entire incident transpire.

Kai Cenat a celebrated YouTube streamer reportedly invited Jes to his livestream to tell her side of the story but she turned him down as she wanted to be paid for the appearance.

Kai Cent held an E-dating show for Jes' ex-boyfriend and gifted him Ksh2.9 million.