Elodie Zone
Image: Instagram

Elodie Zone has provided another video update following her previous one which raised concerns among many fans.

She began by acknowledging she had an okay night after the drama caused by her previous video and addressed her current situation.

"Please ignore my hair. I can't find any hair products in this mess. You know my situation is so messed up, but at the end of the day, I'm an adult, and this is part of adulting.


Figuring out where you're going to live, if you have a pet, where you're going to keep the pet.

You don't necessarily need friends; you don't necessarily need to have a good relationship with parents.

But those other basic things as far as survival goes, that's on you, and I am an adult."


Despite feeling sad, Elodie expressed that she is in a survival mode of sorts. She mentioned the impending end of the month, raising questions about what comes next.

She acknowledged the support from comments but stressed that suggestions to reach out to specific individuals were not helpful and were making the situation awkward for those mentioned.

Regarding the physical altercation mentioned earlier, Elodie shared her experience of past abusive relationships, stating that two of them were physically abusive.

She explained the impact of social media on one of these relationships, which went south after she spoke about it.

She also mentioned the current relationship situation, focusing on more important things.

Elodie also discussed her inability to go apartment hunting on Sunday due to caretakers not working.

In her previous viral video, Elodie had revealed losing her family, falling out with friends, experiencing a breakup due to intimacy issues, losing her job, and moving out of her apartment because pets were not allowed.

She left some belongings with trusted individuals, including valuable and sentimental items.

Elodie shared her appreciation for these individuals and detailed her efforts in maintaining their homes, including fumigating one to eliminate bugs, which cost her Sh8,000.

She also disclosed a recent physical abuse incident involving an intoxicated man she lived with, leading to her eviction and subsequent stays in various Airbnbs since February.

Elodie opened up about her experiences in relationships, revealing two instances of physical abuse and expressing feelings of isolation and numbness.