Award-winning actor Jayden Fabio candidly discusses the challenges he faces in achieving success and providing a comfortable life for his parents.

In a recent Instagram story, he shared, "Feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders lately.

Watching my parents grow older, I have not been able to provide them with the life they deserve.

The harsh reality of today's economy is hitting hard. Every day is a battle to stay afloat, to make ends meet. It's tough out here, and sometimes it feels like the odds are stacked against me."

Fellow Netizens had a lot to say in the comment section. Some of the comments are below:


msodoki.keHe spoke the minds of most men

lewis.gram_Every mother deserve a good life ❤️ >


em_vee_joshOur parents don't know how much we stay in bed thinking about how we will return their hard work and sacrifice they made. Hope it all goes well for us


im.ser_joSad!!💔💔This is the only Adult Jayden I've seen so far😂😂💯💯per

Putting God 1st and holding upMay our parents live long enough to see us winning and making their dreams come true as we make them proud day by day . Amen❤️❤️


across_kenya_dudeSpoton vacations😂: Jipee moyo sitting on a yatch in maldives

scripted.nairobianThe pressure is getting worser umejaribu worldcoin😢

_sow.she__Release the burden of self-blame for the script of your parents' lives.Embrace your journey; you're not responsible for the chapters written in your parents' lives. 😢

brasho._It's tough out here😢

Jayden Fabio whose real name is Abdalla  Ali is an actor who featured in Citizen TV telenovela, Maria. 

He is one of the cutest actors who had fans staring at him during the moments the series was been aired on Citizen.

He had an impeccable role with the Hausa, drama with Brenda of Maria Citizen.

In 2023, the actor won the Kenyan Influencer Award. The actor is also a scriptwriter, content creator, commercial model, TV personality, and Brand Influencer.