Would you share a used toothbrush with your partner? The Bahati's stun netizens

The controversial couple could be seen filming in the bathroom after a shower when Bahati started brushing his teeth.

Bahati and Diana Marua

Digital content creator Diana Marua and her husband Kevin 'Bahati' Kioko have caused a stir online after they posted a video of them sharing a toothbrush while getting read.

The controversial couple could be seen filming in the bathroom after a shower when Bahati started brushing his teeth.

Diana who had just finished cleansing her face turned to the musician and grabbed his toothbrush off him while he was still vigorously cleaning his teeth.

She then proceeded to use the very same brush without raising it off or anything!

Bahati, a little stunned looked at his wife in confusion before he snatched back his used toothbrush and proceeded to continue brushing his teeth with it while paste froth formed on his mouth.

The two kept the little game of "snatch the used toothbrush" going for a while as they both vigorously brushed their teeth with the one brush without any one of them spitting out.

Bahati then kissed Diana before the video cut short and then the two broke out into a song and little dance coupled up with some R-rated pda.

Captioning the post the couple wrote, "Yours is Mine; Mine is yours. Nitang'ang'ana nawe (I will struggle with you," accompanied with a love emoji and several laughing emojis.

Their video read, "Love like #The Bahati's,"

Netizens were left bewildered by the video with most citing that even in relationships some things were cringe and required boundaries. Interestingly some were not bothered at all by the video as they praised the two artists for being couple goals.

Below are a few sampled comments from Instagram users reacting to the post:

Njambi fever: Uwongo mbaya! I can't share my toothbrush, afadhali mninyonge

Sebastianonk: Nikifika hapa mnipige risasi ya figo

Nessah_handas: I love the Bahati's

Towroow: The amount of chieth we are fed in the name of "content creation!"

Sukie bauty: Let me just say this: If you've never shared a toothbrush you've clearly never been in love. 

Iam_melvineliuds: The OCD in me! I almost vomited thinking I'm the one. Pthoo, hata kama ni mapenzi lets care for our personal hygiene.

Have you ever shared a toothbrush with your partner? Do you think its a measure of your love for each other? Let us know.

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