Kenyan artist Willy Paul
Willy Paul Kenyan artist Willy Paul
Image: Kiss FM

On Monday morning, musician Willy Paul requested all journalists to quickly come to his house, claiming that his residence was surrounded by individuals presumed to be police officers.

Through his social media pages, Pozee, as he calls himself, alleged that people in police uniforms had surrounded his house to apprehend him.

The 'Keroro' hitmaker urged journalists to rush to capture the entire incident, stating that it was not the first time the police had surrounded his house with the intent to arrest him.


He stated that he had been informed that police officers were at his gate, seeking to arrest him for allegedly hitting someone with his car and fleeing the scene.

"I have been informed that there are police officers outside my house at Syotani Villas waiting for me, claiming I hit someone with my car and then escaped. They want to kill me. Something similar happened last year. If anything happens to me, know that it is people in police uniforms outside my house right now," Willy wrote.

He urged everyone, especially journalists, to consider the matter urgent and hurry to his home.


"This is an emergency; if you know my home, please run. All journalists... they want to get rid of me," Pozee said without providing further details.

However, some took the situation lightly, suggesting that he might have called journalists to announce the release of his new song or another publicity stunt.

Others also teased him, implying that he is a fearful individual who does not want to leave his home to find out in detail why the police are after him.

"What's the name of the new jam?" DJ Amm asked.

"So, you are a coward 😂😂😂 it's me and my boys; we are here 😂😂" commented dural.8.

"Maybe Kaligraph is shooting a video outside, and you don't know 😂" gaspop9.

"It's female police officers; you, let them hear the sweetness of Keroro, Mr. Mkunaji 😂" grandsun.m.