Minnie Cayy showing off her baby bump

Reality TV star and entrepreneur Minnie 'Cayy'  Kariuki Njuguna has shared a list of daily affirmations she has been using to help get her through her pregnancy.

She went on to dedicate the affirmations to other ladies who were currently pregnant as she showered them with love all while reminding them to be kind to their bodies and souls.

Minnie who is married to entrepreneur Charles Muigai popularly known as Lugz Kenya. is currently expecting her 2nd child, a rainbow baby and the 'Real Housewives of Nairobi' star cannot hide her excitement.


Taking to her Instagram account the actress shared a video of her lovingly cradling her bulging baby bump, (she is currently in her 3rd trimester) as she modeled showing off her outfit.

She appeared jovial with that lustrous pregnancy glow. In her video, she candidly wrote, "To all my pregnant beauties... daily affirmations,"

Captioning it she shared mantras that she has been repeating to herself that she feels could help others in the journey.

Minnie Kariuki with her husband Charles

"Daily affirmations my pregnant beauties ;

~I honour my body exactly as it is

~My connection to my baby grows everyday ~My baby is beautiful, healthy and strong

~ will have a blissful, effortless birth filled with joy and love," her post read.

Minnie and Charles announced they were expecting their second child together 3 weeks ago. while celebrating their wedding anniversary However, this will be Charles' 3rd child as he has a daughter from his previous relationship.

The couple shared that the pregnancy journey has been a long one filled with challenges revealing this is a rainbow child.

A rainbow child is a child born after a couple experienced child loss.

Minnie Kariuki Njuguna with her husband and their daughter
Image: Instagram

Minnie in a beautiful baby announcement video while on holiday, unwrapped an ultrasound picture showing a picture of the baby in the womb.

She lovingly held onto her belly looking into the camera with a smile.

The couple then walk along the ocean side holding each other as they look into the sunset.

Speaking about her initial reaction when she first found out she was pregnant, the actress noted it had been scary.

"Finding out I was pregnant was incredible. I've faced struggles trying to get pregnant in the past, so I chose to keep it a secret for a while.

This pregnancy has been hard, but my husband is even more excited than I am, offering unwavering support throughout.

I'm thankful for my friends, especially from the acting scene, who respected my journey and kept my secret," said the budding actress.

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