American singer  Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao explained her brief reconciliation with Shawn Mendes, including what caused their final split. 

The former Fifth Harmony member, Camila Cabello, recently spoke about her past relationship with Shawn Mendes on the Call Her Daddy podcast's March 6 episode.

She mentioned that she is not scared to rekindle the romance with her exes and see if the spark is still there.


"I think it's known, I'm a fan," Camila quipped adding "I support it, supported it in the past." 

Camila supported the idea of getting back together with former flames, as she finds it helpful.

She and Shawn Mendes dated from 2019 to 2021, and their PDA at Coachella last April raised eyebrows.


Even though they split a few months later, Camila alluded to why she chose to pursue things with the "Stitches" singer once more.

She added that you can't forbid things from her because she will want to do them more.

"I personally think it's helpful," she added. "I'm the kind of person—you can't forbid things from me because I will want to do it more." 

 Camila revealed that she does not regret her impulsive decision to express her feelings towards her ex.

"It's crazy because I'm kind of impulsive in that way, if I feel it, I say it," she admitted.

Shawn Mendes
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She believes it's better to express her emotions rather than keep them inside and later regretting it. She stated that she opted for this route because it was a fun and exciting moment for her.

"The worst thing for it to live in is my mind, and then I'm like, Ryan GoslinginThe Notebookbuilding a house for this person. So, I would rather say it and see what happens and then wake up the next day and find out that it's been heavily documented. I opted for that route. It is what it is. It was a fun route—it was a fun moment," she said.

Camila shared that her decision to end the relationship wasn't a difficult one.

She realized that it wasn't a good fit and didn't feel right.

Fortunately, she was at a point in her life where it didn't take her long to come to this realization, and they both agreed that it was best to move on.

Despite the break-up, she still cares about him and considers him a good person. She feels lucky that he is not one of those exes who are awful.