Rick Ross with Diamond Platnumz
Image: Courtesy

On Sunday evening, Bongo star Naseeb Abdul Juma, popularly known as Diamond Platnumz, engaged in a live conversation on Instagram with veteran American rapper Rick Ross.

The two musicians had a lengthy discussion covering various topics, including music, memorable moments, Diamond's upcoming album, Rick Ross's tour in Africa, wealth, and assets.

During the conversation, the WCB boss praised Rick Ross for supporting African music for many years and backing African artists.


"I want to give you special credit because you remember back in the day when P-Square was making music, you were the one who did a song with them. Before any other big artists," Diamond told Rick Ross in the conversation.

He added, "In the past, it was difficult, you know, some artists never took African music seriously. But you started taking African music seriously a long time ago.

Many years ago. You take African music seriously, no matter where it comes from. You've supported, and we are grateful that you are paving the way for the next generation."


For his part, the American rapper promised to involve Diamond in his upcoming African project and visit the continent soon to collaborate with emerging artists.


He also expressed a desire to have fun with the Bongo Flava star in Tanzania on his upcoming tour, which he said is coming soon.

"I want to come there, and I want to collaborate with the youth. Not only that, let's have a luxurious time, if we go to a club in your city.

I want you to take me to the club, we want to party, we want to fly, we want to dress up, wear our jewelry," he said.

Diamond promised to take the rapper to a new club owned by his manager Sallam SK and also find him a Tanzanian wife during the visit.

"When you come here, I will make sure to find you a Tanzanian wife," he said.

Rick seemed to avoid Diamond's suggestion of finding him a wife, saying, "You'll take me around the city a hundred times. Let's do big things."

The Bongo Flava star also took the time to show Rick his wealth and his collection of luxurious cars they would use during his visit.