Jacque Maribe
Image: Instagram

Former television presenter, Jacque Maribe, has been appointed as the head of communication at the Ministry of Public Service Performance and Delivery Management.

Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria heads the Ministry.

The appointment has stirred mixed emotions among Kenyans, with some expressing surprise, others congratulating her on the new role, and some criticizing the appointment.


Among those who seemed pleased with Maribe's new position is her friend Dennis Itumbi.

Itumbi took to social media to congratulate his friend, expressing gratitude to CS Kuria for standing with Maribe and giving her an opportunity to continue her career.

"Congratulations, Jacque Maribe. May God bless you as you serve. Thanks, Moses Kuria, for standing with a generation, please keep doing good and stretching your hand," he said.


See other comments from some Kenyans about Maribe's new appointment:

Steve Mulwah wa Kite. Baba John: So fast, or let me keep quiet; it's Monday....

Justice Mathenge: God, teach me how to be silent.

Brian Wattanga: @LydiahKinyanju4, she had already been given a job a long time ago.

Kiraguemilio@gmail@Kiraguemiliogm1: Yes, she is a Kenyan like everybody else. The court declared her innocent.

Husgang@Mahusde28: People and their judgments... this good conduct issue is for those without money.

Boniface Muko@MukoBoniface: Every person deserves a second chance.

Mutembei William@Mutembeiwiliam: Congratulations, Maribe.

uez, ENG@Muez_ENG: Does she have a good conduct certificate?!

Eric@_Chucky72: Wow, it seems the game is always rigged.

014.@ROGUEKENYAN: At this point, NOTHING they do surprises me anymore; I've lowered my expectations to below 0.

This comes a month after her acquittal on murder charges by Justice Grace Nzioka, who found Mr. Irungu guilty.

Jowie will be sentenced on March 13 after the sentencing was postponed last week.