Jamaican dance hall and reggae artist Shaggy
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Jamaican-born reggae musician, rapper and singer Orville Richard Burrell popularly known as Shaggy has shocked the globe after speaking for the very first time with his real voice!

Yes, the Jamaica 'It Wasn't Me' thick and ruff dialect you have been hearing in his songs and interviews is all a facade.

Shaggy who emerged in the early '90s as the biggest crossover success in dance hall reggae recently revealed that he has been faking it all this time during a recent interview he just conducted. 

Taking to his TikTok page, Shaggy shared a snippet from the interview highlighting that he got the voice from mocking his drill instructors back when he was in the Marines.

"I got this voice by mocking drill instructors in the military. Because in the Marines, the drill instructors would go, "Yeah boy, drop and give me 20, let's go boy," said the Grammy award winning artist who was born in Kingston, Jamaica but moved to New York City with his mother when he turned 18.

To the shock of thousands, (the post has close to 6940 comments, 88.6k likes, 48.7 saves and has been shared 38.3 times) Shaggy actually has a polished high end English voice.

"And I would mock him as a form of joking because it motivated, you know, your platoon," added the 'Bombastic' crooner.

Shaggy admits that original that wasn't the plan but after the success of his debut song, he felt that he had to keep up the same vibe.

"I just sang that song (his first big hit, Oh Carolina, which became a dance hall hit in 1993) in that voice because, you know, that... it sounded cool. And all over sudden Oh Carolina blew up and now I'm faced with the situation that I'm gonna have to sing every song like that," the Brit Award winner narrated.

His fans went crazy realizing that they were hearing his voice for the first time ever. Some shared their disappointment upon realizing they have been gaslight for years on end.

Below are a few comments from TikTok:

Elle Michelle: Damn Shaggy really said 'It wasn't me'

Candace Jean Francoi: First Wayne Wonder's voice not being the same tone of voice in singing and now you?

Nick: That's Shaggy's government voice???

DJ: So we all just hearing Shaggy's real voice for the first time?


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