Rita Tinina
Image: Courtesy

Well-known NTV journalist Rita Tinina died of severe pneumonia, according to findings from an autopsy conducted on her body.

Speaking from Umash Funeral Home, family spokesperson Timothy Njaga expressed their contentment with the results.

“We had come here to witness the postmortem and it was completed by Dr Ndegwa and the family pathologist. We have been given the results that the late Ruta died of severe pneumonia,” he said.


Njaga mentioned that government pathologist Peter Ndegwa carried out the autopsy in the presence of the family pathologist.

He also stated that the family's need for privacy and space.

"We should remember that there is a family that is affected," Njaga said.


"We thank the media fraternity for their good words towards our sister and friend."

Some of the journalists present during the exercise included Kenya Editors Guild president Zubeida Kananu and Kenya Parliamentary Journalists Association chairman Duncan Khaemba among others.

The late Tinina was found dead on Sunday in her Kileleshwa house.

What is Severe Pneumonia?

According to medical sources, severe pneumonia refers to a severe and potentially life-threatening form of lung infection.

Pneumonia itself is an infection that inflames the air sacs in one or both lungs.

When the infection is classified as severe, it typically means that the symptoms are more intense and may include high fever, rapid breathing, chest pain, and difficulty breathing.

Severe pneumonia often requires hospitalisation for treatment, which may involve intravenous antibiotics, oxygen therapy, and supportive care to help the patient recover.

Without prompt and appropriate treatment, severe pneumonia can lead to complications such as respiratory failure, sepsis, and even death.