Why Otile Brown doesn't like being referred to as a bongo artist

Otile Brown is one of the most successful Kenyan artistes

Otile Brown

Celebrated Kenyan singer and songwriter Jacob Obunga popularly known by his stage name, Otile Brown through his socials has revealed that he does not like it when his musical style is referred to as bongo music.

The 'Dusuma' hitmaker while on an Instagram, live with Tanzanian media personality Fredrick Budala alias Sky Walker got into detail about how in his opinion bongo music is originally from Kenya and bears a totally different name.

According to Otile, bongo was initially called kunizia and bears its roots from some tribes in the coastal region of Kenya. Hence why he refrains from identifying himself as a bongo artist.

"I don't refer to my musical style as bongo by the way, I call it kunizia," started off 30-year-old songwriter and guitarist.

Upon Sky Walker's inquiry on what kunizia meant, Otile went on a little history lesson on the term and why he prefers for his music to be identified as such.

"Kunizia is the original, it is what came and then was packaged and is now referred to as bongo flavor," stated the musician.

He went on to add;

"Kunizia is a mixed music style from the Mijikenda and the Manga people of the Kenyan coastal region. But I have accepted it (the term bongo flavour) and made peace with it because you guys are the ones who took that music type and publicized it and now the music is known as bongo.

But it is music that I love and appreciate so much," said Otile candidly.

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