Jacky Vike and Jacquey Nyaminde
Image: Instagram

Former actors of Papa Shirandula, Jacky Vike, popularly known as Awinja, and Jacquey Nyaminde, famously known as Wilbroda, have revealed that they greatly admire men who smell of 'hard work sweat'.

During a conversation with SPM Buzz at the launch of a laundry detergent brand, the two said that a man who smells like that, his 'genuine sweat', not dirt sweat.

"Awinja and Nyaminde have one issue, we both love men who smell like the sweat of hard work. There's a certain sweat, it's your natural scent, not dirty sweat, but it's a natural sweat," Awinja said, with Nyaminde echoing her sentiments.


Nyaminde, on her part, added more, saying that she also loves the scent of motorcycle taxi operators.

"I, for one, there's a certain scent from the motorcycle guys, it smells bad, but there's that one from hard work, it's like he just took a shower but he's been working hard all day, you know," Nyaminde said, as they both chuckled.

The two revealed that their enduring secret in the acting industry for a long time was happiness.


"Our secret is happiness, we always try to let go of many things that happen, I decided to sit down and think about my problems, my problems are many just like my colleague here, but when we think that someone is in a worse situation, I tell my problems to stay aside, we don't worry much, and also prayer," Nyaminde said.

Awinja also said, "I'm not a person of titles, that you have a certain title, I'll talk to you this way or treat you this way, no. Treat everyone equally, so be generous to everyone."