William Ruto with Peter Salasya
Image: Instagram

A video showing President William Ruto teasing Mumias East MP Peter Salasya about his uncut hair has spread widely on social media.

In the video recorded in Kakamega on Wednesday, the president caused other leaders to burst into laughter when he jokingly asked the first-term MP why he hadn't cut his hair.

The president was greeting other leaders upon his arrival in Kakamega to open the Kakamega County International Investment Conference when he met Salasya.


Members of the National Assembly and Senate were lined up to welcome the President to the Western Kenya county.

As he greeted them with handshakes, he called them by name, asking about the progress of the areas they represent.

Finally, it was MP Peter Salasya's turn, and he seemed eager to greet the national leader.


The Mumias East MP shook hands with the president firmly, with his eyes directly on the camera.

The President asked him how he was doing, and he replied that he was doing well with a big smile.

His response made other leaders burst into laughter.

Ruto continued the conversation by asking why he hadn't cut his hair.

"Why haven't you cut your hair?" the President asked.

The MP replied with much fanfare, "If you say so, I'll cut it."

His response made the President and others present burst into laughter.

The first-term MP is known for his slightly long hairstyle, which he rarely cuts.

President Ruto officially opened the Kakamega County International Investment Conference on Wednesday.