Carol Katrue finally addresses where Miracle Baby's wealth disappeared to

Peter Miracle Baby with his baby mama Carol Katrue
Image: Courtesy

Vernacular artist Carol Katrue has finally addressed why her baby daddy, former Sailors band member Peter Miracle Baby seemingly appears not to have money despite musical success and content creation on the side.

The Gengetone turned Mugiithi singer, (Miracle Baby) has been unwell for quite a while with his medical bill soaring to over Sh 1.4 million that is without counting his medicine, and expenses for daily care.

Carol has been calling upon Kenyans to help her offset the accumulated bills with some firing back asking why she could not just use the money her baby daddy made from his music.


Some netizens went on a tirade noting Peter was just another example of artists who get a taste of fame splurge all the money they get then come begging online when things hit the wall.

Finally addressing this Carol Katrue defended her man disputing claims that he had mismanaged his finances. According to her, his money quite on the contrary was put into very good use.

Miracle Baby with his baby mama Carol katrue
Image: Courtesy

"Peter pesa zake zote alitumia kujengea wazazi wake Membley a five mansionette, hio pesa alitumia kufanya hivo," Carol Katrue stated.


This translates to;

"He used up all his money to construct a 5 bedroom mansionette located in Membley  for his parents. That is what he used his money for,"

Membley is a posh residential area located Ruiru, Kiambu county.

This comes in just 10 months after Miracle baby was called out by Kenyans for splurging close to Sh. 90,000 in a night out at a popular night club in Nairobi.

At the time, while responding to netizens the couple noted people were only jealous and that's why they were attacking them.

"Kenyans si mta dedi na wivu... anyway mkasikie vibaya na huko kwenu," wrote Katrue while defending her baby daddy.

Her baby daddy not willing to be left behind also commented on the post highlighting that most of the guys hating were just broke and bitter.

"@Carol Katrue na uki note wengi wa watu wenye hutusiana wanakuanga wamewashiwa hot spot," wrote Peter accompanying the post with lots of laughing emojis.

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