Omosh Kizangila shares words of advice after attending Brian Chira's burial

Chira was laid to rest on March 26, 2024 in Kiambu County

Omosh Kizangila's new look

Former Tahidi High actor turned digital content creator Joseph Kinuthia popularly known Omosh Kizangila has shared a few words of encouragement after attending Brian Chira's funeral.

Omosh's new appearance also stunned netizens who last saw him when he was battling alcoholism and mental health issues.

The actor appeared all cleaned up, healthier with noticeable added body weight and looked more composed a far different individual from the struggling person people saw a year ago begging for alms. 


Netizens commended his transformation, giving him his flowers for getting his act together.


Speaking about the late TikTok content creator, Brian Chira, Omosh eulogized the young man as a star with a bright future that was snuffed too soon.

Omosh went on to encourage other people, especially those battling unspoken demons such as substance abuse to learn to ask for help before it was too late.


"He was a youthful guy, and his star was shining brightly. It was so sad coming here. He was a star, and there was no way I would miss it," started off the veteran actor while speaking to Tuko Extra.


Finishing up he encouraged the youth to learn a thing or two from Chira's life and untimely death highlighting the importance of seeking help and talking to people whenever you are down. 

"I came here with my family and youth; if you've not learned from Chira's stories, you will never learn. God was writing a story through Chira. Guys, if you have depression, look for people to talk to. Talk to people," Omosh candidly said. 

The veteran actor went viral 2 years ago due to his battle with alcoholism. At the time he disclosed he was completely broke detailing he had lost his house in Kayole and his wife had left him due to his financial woes. 

With the help of Kenyans he was gradually able to turn his life around.

Last year in November  Omosh announced he was 15 months sober giving praise to God for helping him in his recovery journey.

"I know I cannot help myself, but if God is with me, He will lift me up. I stopped drinking. It's been one year and three months sober, and I thank God for that," said the actor. 

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