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The influential Gcaba family of South Africa has refuted speculations linking one of its members to the murder of the popular rapper AKA.

AKA, whose real name is Kiernan Forbes, along with his close friend Tibz Motsoane, was fatally shot outside a restaurant in Durban in February last year.

During last Wednesday's trial of the suspected killers of the rapper, prosecutors implicated Sydney Mfundo Gcaba, a member of the Gcaba family, in the murder.


According to a statement presented in court by the investigating officer, one of Mr. Gcaba's companies allegedly transferred over 800,000 rand ($42,000; £33,000) to the bank account of Mziwethemba Harvey Gwabeni, one of the suspects on trial for the rapper's murder.

Reports indicating that the payment occurred the day after AKA's murder heightened suspicions that Mr. Gcaba might have paid the suspects for the murder.

The prosecutor also contended that there was no evidence showing that Mr. Gwabeni provided any services in exchange for the money.


However, in a statement released on Sunday, the Gcaba family clarified that the payment was part of numerous transactions between Mr. Gcaba and Mr. Gwabeni, which were solely for business purposes.

"These transactions, spanning a considerable period, can be verified through bank records and were not unusual or isolated," stated the family.

Expressing concern, the family noted that authorities had not approached Mr. Gcaba to hear his side of the story but affirmed that he was willing to come forward to clear his name.