Jimal Rohosafi on the left and Amira on the right
Image: Instagram

Kenya's renowned entrepreneurs and co-parents, Jimal Marlow Rohosafi and Amira, recently met and spent time together.

Videos and photos of the meeting of the co-parents who share two children were circulated on social media by Tanzanian entertainment artist DJ Ally Bi, popularly known as Asumanii.

The images sparked mixed reactions on social media, prompting Amira to explain the purpose of their meeting.

"Lol, you've arrived in the DM quickly. So, there are three people involved in parenting," Amira said on Instagram.

The beauty product businesswoman continued to discuss how recovering from separation has facilitated cooperation in parenting.

She said that she and the children are content with how things are, and even volunteered to teach Jimal's current wife how to cook "mapochopocho."

"To be honest, once you recover from parenting separation, you can get along very well. Also, once you have children, you all know that person will be part of your life, and my children are happy and peaceful in that way," she said.

She added, "That being said, father Shamir, please bring your wife to me so that I can teach her how to cook mapochopocho."

The recent meeting between the two is the first time they have been seen together publicly for a long time since their separation in 2021.