Terence Creative with Milly Chebby
Image: Instagram

Actor Terence Creative has made headlines this year after doing something unexpected, something that has been praised as a solution for envious people online.

Through his social media pages, Creative has been monitoring photos that his wife Milly Chebby uploads and seeing how some jealous people ridicule her by mocking her body.

What Terence Creative did was take pictures of everyone who was writing comments mocking Milly Chebby due to her body shape and post them all on his pages.


Terence compiled those pictures and made it clear that they are not of people who are missing but those who have been insulting his beloved wife, but he said that he has forgiven them.

“These are some of the pictures of people who body shame my beautiful wife Milly Chebby and give her fashion advice and beauty tips.

Wow, you people are strange and we wish you well in these difficult times, we will pierce together, I have forgiven you and may God bless you. Meanwhile, let me continue reading comments,” Terence said.

This move attracted mixed reactions, with many congratulating Terence for using a non-violent way to shut down the behavior of people whose job online is to see the bad in others' lives.


Below are some of the comments:

“Some of them, they should have just learned to keep quiet,” Linnet Nafula.

“I'm not surprised by their appearance. Don't worry about keyboard warriors; their comments show failure, anger, pain, and foolishness.” Mary William’s

“Hurt people hurt others. Don't waste your time on them. You and Milly should focus on giving us your good content.” Benter Oluoch.