Canadian R&B singer Jahron Anthony Brathwaite alias PartyNextDoor, has caused an internet storm after posting the cover art for his upcoming album. 

The photo features a first-person view of an unclothed woman who is bent over.

The image is cropped to hide the woman's private parts, although the insinuations are all very clear.

The “PARTYNEXTDOOR 4 (P4)” album is set to be released on April 26, as he captioned under the Instagram post.


Netizens and fans have reacted differently to the post most criticising the objectification of the woman in the cover.

A number don't seem to be rocking with it, check out the post on his Instagram account.

Some netizens have also shared how "these new album covers crazy" and "miss the old album cover days."


Read some of those comments below:

cig Yeah I’m choosing gay son over this

theshanellestone Nigga we wanted an album not no sextape

wrldofarianna Bae please pick another album cover

bteitel_ How I’m supposed to listen to this in public bruh????

alegra.pryor Jahron don’t piss me off.

projecthelsinki NI##A WHAT IS THIS😭😭😭😭😭

lakiki.18 so she just let y’all make her body the album cover or

jjanellieeee I cannot i js opened my ig near my mom almost screamed in fear 😭

morgyporgiee Delete this

riv.wya I’m NOT playing any song off this album bro 💀

cycyscram  These new album covers crazy asf💀

nfl9n Imagine someone asking what you’re listening to and you show them this cover 😭😭

kenjirodriguez Bro tryna be Ye