Nigerian singer Ayra Starr
Image: Courtesy

Fast rising 21-year-old artist Ayra Starr has a few words for black girls across the globe, "stop downplaying yourself!"

According to the 'Rush' hitmaker, she strongly feels if you put in the work then you should loudly and proudly enjoy the fruits of your labour. Especially coming from an African setting that has always taught women to play small and humble themselves.

The Grammy nominated singer shared her sentiments during a guest appearance that she made on  the Oui Oui Baguette show hosted by Sally where she emphasized the importance of being confident and taking up space. 

"My advice to black girls and black women is to work hard. The work that women put into this business is so different and they work so hard. And I'd say don't be humble about it. That's where we're going to start from," the 21-year-old artist opined. 

Giving an example using her home country, Ayra highlighted she feels like from a young age girls are brought up being taught on how to be "less" and whenever a girl start exhibiting their personality and showing signs of confidence they are strongly put down killing their self confidence before it blossoms.

"I feel like we are brought up to be humble in Nigeria, like when a girl starts to grow up and starts getting confident people are always like 'too much shakara.'


They would tell them that they have too much shakara and that they should calm down. Let's stop doing that, let's stop telling girls to be less confident," added the Nigerian star. 

Finishing up she added;

Let's stop telling girls to show up less and not wear their brightest clothes because 'they like too much shakara,"

Speaking directly to girls who were listening to her across the globe she encouraged them to show up and show out, always putting their best self forward irrespective of what anyone thinks or says. 

"Show up, black girls show up, and let heads turn wherever you enter and be the best. You're already the best so why not be proud of it," the 'Bloody Samaritan' crooner candidly stated. 


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