Travis Kelce with his girlfriend Taylor Swift
Image: Courtesy

American football tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Michael Kelce is opening up about how he wooed multi-Grammy award-winning artist Taylor Swift and how their relationship is going so far.

Speaking during a candid conversation he had with 'Freaky Friday' hit-maker Lil Durk on his (and his older brother's) YouTube show dubbed 'New Heights', Travis said that he still couldn't believe that he was able to pull Tay Tay.

This is after Lil Durk gushed over the celebrity couple adding that their romance gives off such an American feel and, "I think it's something that makes the world feel like high school.


Like the most popular football star met with the most popular artist and they actually fell in love. Anyone who like hates on it is a bitter loser." 

"I appreciate that... I don't even know how I did it, to be honest," started the 34-year-old NFL sportsman while responding to Lil Durk's remarks after thanking him for the compliment.

He went on to add everything is just so unreal even to him because the billionaire songstress is not even into sports so Kelce had nothing to flex about. 


"You know she's not even into sports so I don't even know how I did it," added Travis amid chuckles from him and the other 2 guys.

Finishing up on that topic, Travis went on to tell Lil Durk and his brother, Jason Kelce that he was more than pleased with how things were going.

He added that he was having fun, "Just flying high, enjoying it all. Bringing new lives to the football world and opening up the football world up to new things."

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