Delulu isn't always the solulu- Larry Madowo's witty response to netizens criticizing him

Larry has been calling for change using his socials and section of his fans are hoy happy

Larry Madowo

CNN International Correspondent and host of the African Voices Changemakers and Playmakers series, Larry Madowo has a few words for netizens calling him out for his continued "witch hunt" against his motherland, Kenya.

Larry has been trending for a while due to the comical way in which he calls out the government and asks for change. 

He's always been in the spotlight for always highlighting the failing side of our beloved country such as the power blackouts, occasional leaks at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, (JKIA), and the recent flooding along the Nairobi Expressway.

The young man, however, is unfazed by the people asking him to stop painting the country in such bad light.

Arguing his case, the 36-year-old seasoned journalist took to his socials where he posted a witty post encouraging netizens to stop trying to bury their heads in the sand all in the name of patriotism. 

The post reads, "If your patriotism means staying silent when things go wrong, you are deluded. 

Delulu is not the solulu,"

Captioning it, the seasoned journalist wrote, "Are we together?"

The post comes 2 days after the former The Trend host shared a video of him getting rained on as he left JKIA and walked toward the pickup/taxi station.

"JKIA still won't protect us from the rain after all these years? Do we have no capacity for shame?

But I'll keep posting until things improve," part of his lengthy Instagram post read as he showed some water-logged spots within the airport grounds while complaining over the fact that there was no shelter/ canopies to shield arriving and departing guests from the rain once they arrived at the grounds after and before they get to the terminus. 

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