Actress and singer Halle Bailey and rapper DDG are still together according to her representative, despite rumours of a breakup.

The singer's rep told TMZ that Halle and DDG are still together and that all the reports they've split are straight-up false.

The reason this had to be addressed is because netizens were running rampant with rumors that they'd gone their separate ways.


This is after people noticed they seem to have deleted most of their pics as a pair in their socials.

Another reason is the fact Halle's sister Chloe Bailey performed at Coachella last weekend and Halle attended, but DDG was absent.

TMZ asked Halle's rep about the unfollowing on IG, but haven't gotten an answer on that yet.


Still, her team is firm and clear with them saying they're still going strong, even now.

DDG and Halle themselves haven't addressed all the speculation personally but her camp is speaking for her now, and they're saying this is all much ado about nothing.

Halle and DDG recently welcomed their baby Halo early this year and they were one of Hollywood's most beloved couples.

They have been together for about a year and a half.

They haven't posted the kid's face just yet but have been teasing him in many shots online.

In one she threw up just a couple of weeks ago, which also featured DDG in what appears to be a sweet family photo where they were vacationing together.

Halle also recently included DDG in a photo dump to celebrate her 24th birthday.

The last time were seen together in public was back in March, when they posed together in front of cameras for an event.

DDG is recently spending time with his friends in a haunted house and playing some 'horrific' games.