Kambua Manundu
Image: Instagram

Early on Monday, Kenyans were shaken by distressing news as severe floods hit the Mai Mahiu area in Nakuru County, sweeping away scores of people and destroying property of unknown value.

It is reported that the floods resulted from a dam in the area overflowing and breaking its banks, sweeping through villages.

By yesterday, over 50 people were reported dead with their bodies recovered while dozens others remained missing.


In one of the heart-wrenching incidents that sparked sympathy online, a father was seen carrying the body of his child who perished when the floods struck.

The poignant video deeply affected gospel artist Kambua, who has her own history of losing a young child.

Through her Instagram account, Kambua posted a sorrowful message, expressing her profound distress after watching the video, stating that the nation cannot be okay when disasters occur everywhere.


"I saw a video of a man carrying the body of his child who perished in the floods. I'm not okay at all. We cannot be okay. There are too many disasters surrounding us," Kambua said sorrowfully.

Kambua has been courageously speaking about how she lost her two young children in the past.

Last year, in a video she posted on YouTube, Kambua revealed that it took her a long time and extraordinary courage to openly share about the difficult times she went through after losing her children at different times.

"Many of you know that I have three children, Nathaniel, Malachi in heaven, and Natalie with me. But the truth is, I have four children. This is something I have never shared with any of you before, but I think it's time to bring you into my world and tell you about the two children I have in heaven and the two I get to care for," she said in the video.

Kambua did not disclose exactly when she lost her other child, but in February 2021, the singer announced that she had lost her newborn son, Malachi.

Kambua Manundu
Image: Instagram