Rue Baby
Image: Instagram

Rue Baby, Akothee's daughter, has confirmed that she is currently single and does not have a boyfriend despite being seen in various places with young men.

Through a video she posted on her Insta story, Rue Baby said it was time to set the record straight before bloggers rushed to one of her pictures with her male friends and claimed they were lovers.

Rue Baby said she decided to clarify her relationship status because she didn't want to put her male friends in a difficult situation with their girlfriends, emphasising that they are just 'besties' to her.


"Hello my fans, there's something I want to clarify very quickly. I want to enjoy quality time with my male friends in peace. I want to go out for evening outings and clubs with them peacefully, they are just my friends," Rue Baby began.

"I don't want to wake up in the morning and find bloggers spreading rumours that Rue Baby has a boyfriend. Please, when you do that, you put my male friends in a difficult situation with their girlfriends. I want to make it clear that I am currently not in any relationship, at least not yet," she added.

Rue Baby stressed that when she does have a boyfriend, her fans will know because she won't be able to hide it, but for now, the young men she is seen with are not her boyfriends but just friends with whom she enjoys spending time.


"But when I am in a new relationship, for sure you guys will see it, either my fingers, liver, kidney, or anything else, but for now, I want to enjoy with my male friends, I want to post their pictures peacefully. Everyone you see out there when you see me with them, they are all just friends. None of them is a guy I would want to date," she concluded.

It will be remembered that for a long time, Rue Baby was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with comedian MCA Tricky after the two were seen together in various places.

However, Tricky was the first to make it clear that they were not dating, but many dismissed his statements, taking them lightly because he is a comedian.

Watch the video below: